John B Hedges

composer & musician

Primal Stomp (2000, orch.2003)

Original version for tuba & piano

Orchestrated version (2003) for tuba and chamber orchestra

2 flutes(2 dbl.picc.), pno., harp, strings (min.22221)

Duration: 9'

Program Notes:

Primal Stomp is a single movement concertino for tuba and chamber orchestra. The piece was commissioned by and written for tubist John Whitener. The work is a fantasy which takes its name from the orchestral rhythm and its primitive ritualistic quality. It’s shares that quality with Revueltas’ wonderful Sensemaya, whose opening atmosphere and tuba solo were the inspiration for the departure point for this piece. Unlike Sensemaya though, whose singleness of purpose and sense of inevitability drive it forward, Primal Stomp oscillates between these moments of ritualistic pounding and ones of lyricism and impressionistic color. As the work progresses the two contrasting elements effect each other in a struggle for dominance. Original written for tuba and piano, the piece was orchestrated into its final version in 2003.

[Plus it has my favorite 6 seconds of music I've written!! Hear it and an excerpt below!]

Primal Stomp (orchestra) - Printed Score
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