John B Hedges

composer & musician

Slapdance (2000) for large orchestra

3(+picc)23(+bass cl.)3(+contra) 4331 timp., 3 perc., pno., hp., strings

Version for concert band:

3(+picc)23(+bass cl.), 2 a.sax, t. sax, b. sax, 3(+contra) 433, euph.. 1 timp., 4 perc., pno., (opt. cb.)

Duration: 10'

"...brash energy, combining elements of rock, big band and modern harmonic language into a musical stew all his own....This is a most attractive work that makes a perfect program opener. It pulses with life and energy." Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, Theater Jones

Program Notes:

Slapdance is a raucous, rhythmically driven work for orchestra which draws much of its material and inspiration from the 80‘s and early 90‘s recordings of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Though not an attempt to recreate or arrange in any fashion these songs, the work uses fragments of funk riffs, horn licks and slap bass lines as a backbone for a musical exploration. The territory being explored is the range of explosive energy and surprising lyricism of which the band was capable of and that thrilled me as a young listener.

Originally composed in 2000 for large orchestra, the piece was arranged for concert band by the composer in early 2015.

Recording of original orchestra version by Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra available here.

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