John B Hedges

composer & musician

The Owl Sings at Noon (2004)

for bassoon and piano

Duration: 6'

Program Notes:

The Owl Sings at Noon was inspired by a clock.  On this clock there were different species of birds where the numbers would have normally been.  An image of the owl occupied the important top space at 12:00.  At noon (and midnight) everyday the owl would sing a jazzy, asymmetrical set of hoots.  The silliness that every mid-day brought in the presence of the clock has stuck with me in a surprising way for years.  Eventually it persisted enough that I used it as the basis for this fun work for bassoon and piano.  It was premiered in Montréal on May 1, 2005 by bassoonist Alexandra Eastley and pianist Louise Lessard.

• The Owl Sings at Noon is published by TrevCo-Varner Music.  You can purchase the work from them here.